Published at 24 Sep 2012

Finally, version 0.6.4 of GNDMS has come out.

New plugins, namely DMSStaging and Publishing, have been added. Furthermore, a lot of bugfixes and new features are included, e.g. Quotas for disk usage, automatic extending of lifetime of published slices and automatic ADiS registration of resources.

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GNDMS-development team


Published at 05 Jun 2012

Realizing we solved three issues, we had to release version 0.6.2 of GNDMS. We hope it comes as a real bombshell.

We added two plugins we thought might come handy, namely InterSliceTransfer and ESGF-Staging. Additionally, Transport Layer Security can now be used to secure communication between nodes.

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GNDMS-development team


Published at 08 Feb 2012

Today we proudly present the first RESTful version of GNDMS: GNDMS-0.6.0 “Arturas”.

For this release we got rid of all GlobusToolkit 4 dependences. Resulting in a smaller and easer to install package.

Even thou GNDMS-0.6.0 provides nearly all the features from the popular 0.3.4 version. It is not yet intended for productional use.

Have fun with Arturas.

First REST based version of GNDMS coming soon...

Published at 03 Feb 2012

Last works started for the first release of a REST based version of GNDMS. These consist of building setup scripts and testing the implemented features.

If we stay in plan, we will release next monday, 6th february 2012.

GNDMS-development team

GNDMS Developers are using IntelliJ

Published at 02 Dec 2011

Since we spend a lot of time in the past month refactoring and rewriting old GNDMS-Code to new Spring REST-based GNDMS, I want to use this post to thank our sponsor: JetBrains.

Approx nine month ago we applied for an IntelliJ Open Source Project License for the GNDMS project and received free keys for the IntelliJ Ultimate Java IDE version 10.

Using IntelliJ in this stage of our project turned out to be a major advantage. Since we had to refactor zillion lines of old code, the awesome inspection and refactoring features saved us from a lot of grieve and pain. My favorite inspections so far turned out to be

  • Illegal package dependency, which lets you define scopes in which packages are or are not allowed to be used, and
  • Unused declaration, which is helpful to eliminate unused classes or to find missing calls to classes, which might have gotten under the wheels during rewriting and moving around classes.

The second advantage we gained from using IntelliJ is the incredible support for the Spring framework. Using Spring we heavily depend on Spring XML-based application contexts to wire together the application logic and provide well-known objects. Using IntelliJ it is very easy to keep track of the various places where classes are instantiated and where which object is injected.

So we just want to say a big thank you JetBrains for this great IDE and of course the free license-keys.

GNDMS-development team

New REST development branch

Published at 01 Nov 2011

Just a short update about our REST development efforts:

We are now going to test the code for our first REST-based release of GNDMS. It will contain a not feature complete reimplementation of the GORFX service and the Slice-Service part of the DSpace service.

The branch for the rest development, is now rest-devel (who would’ve guessed that).

Apart from urgent bug-fixes, development of the GT4 based (i.e. the master-branch) version has reached its end. Thus the rest-devel branch will replace master as soon as it reaches RC state.

(King) Richard

Published at 26 May 2011

Three month since the last release of GNDMS, which means: Time for a new one! So we give you GNDMS 0.3.4 “Richard”. This release contains many stability improvements especially in the GridFTP handling, logging and task handling in general.

If you got trouble with Shigeru you definitely want Richard.


Published at 24 Feb 2011

Today we just released GNDMS 0.3.2 “Shigeru”. This release is for use in C3Grid/INAD only. The package ties together various fixes and adds a few new features. From the Changelog:

  • NEW: Certificate delegation for stage-in tasks
  • CHANGED: Updated stage-in test client
  • NEW: Proper handling of connection timeouts
  • NEW: Made task messages more verbose

Grab it from the download area while it’s hot.

Moving on to REST

Published at 25 Jan 2011

Due to the changes around Globus Toolkit and our experiences in past projects we are evaluating a partial rewrite of GNDMS for the next version. For this rewrite, we intend to add the following features:

  • Total replacement of WSRF/SOAP with a REST-based interface
  • Optional HTTP-based access to files
  • Web-based access to resources
  • Removal of most dependencies on GT in favor of a Spring/J2EE Servlet Container based setup
  • Removal of the monitor
  • Due to the instabilities of JGlobus GridFTP, we are examinining solutions for moving GridFTP transfers out of the JVM to some external process

Concerning the structure of resources, we expect the following changes:

  • Unification of task execution
  • New services for carrying out configuration actions (former Monitor)
  • True multi-grid support
  • Renamings: Order (former ORQ), Quote (former Offer), task flow (GORFX activity)

These are just some first ideas, we’ll post more details here as we go.

New logo

Published at 21 Sep 2010

Today, we finally decided on a logo for GNDMS. We wanted something that is simple, colorfull, and that hints at grid computing and data packets. See for yourself, if these goals have been met:


Rob is out

Published at 05 Aug 2010

After weeks of cursing and committing, we now proudly present the first open source release of the “Generation N Data Management System”. GNDMS is a data management solution for community grids based on the Globus Toolkit 4 middleware for scientific community grids. It’s what you might want to use if you have big chunks of data that need to be copied around betwen supercomputer centers in an orchestrated, and secure way.

To those using the software before, this release features a completely rewritten build and installation system (giving much smaller turnaround time and deployment packages), support for proper GSI certificate delegation down to the UNIX level (File permissions set via GRAMS), revamped web site, remote log access for community grid admins, a new test client, and numerous bug fixes and enhancements (Check the Changelog).

Please fetch GNDMS 0.3.0 aka “Rob” while it’s fresh and enjoy.

Today we started this Newsblog

Published at 28 Jul 2010

Today we started this very fine Newsblog on GNDMS. Here we will publish about new and upcoming releases, bugfixes and future plans.