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Moving on to REST

Published on 25 Jan 2011

Due to the changes around Globus Toolkit and our experiences in past projects we are evaluating a partial rewrite of GNDMS for the next version. For this rewrite, we intend to add the following features:

  • Total replacement of WSRF/SOAP with a REST-based interface
  • Optional HTTP-based access to files
  • Web-based access to resources
  • Removal of most dependencies on GT in favor of a Spring/J2EE Servlet Container based setup
  • Removal of the monitor
  • Due to the instabilities of JGlobus GridFTP, we are examinining solutions for moving GridFTP transfers out of the JVM to some external process

Concerning the structure of resources, we expect the following changes:

  • Unification of task execution
  • New services for carrying out configuration actions (former Monitor)
  • True multi-grid support
  • Renamings: Order (former ORQ), Quote (former Offer), task flow (GORFX activity)

These are just some first ideas, we’ll post more details here as we go.