GNDMS negotiates contracts with clients about task execution. A contract specifies what is to be done, and optionally when and where it is to be done by GNDMS on behalf of the client. Contracts are accepted Offers.
Data Provider
In C3-Grid, data providers are sites that run GNDMS with the Staging Plugin in order to grant access to their local climate data archives.
Often used for the (or a) central data management coordination site of a community grid.
In C3-Grid, load balancing publish to a dedicated storage server.
In C3-Grid, indirection of a staging request to a matching data provider or cache.
Workspace management service of GNDMS. Each DSpace is structured into a set of subspaces (Logical stroage group). Each subspace consists of multiple slices (Non-hierachical container of files).
Generation N Data Management System. A data management solution for community grids based on the Globus Toolkit 4 Middleware.
GORFX (aka Generic Offer Request Factory X)
Service for the negotation of data management task execution.
Cf. Contract, offers are the subjects of contract negotiation, Offers are not-yet accepted contracts.
Offer Request
Description of a task and required offer constraints.
In C3-Grid, publishing of intermediary results
Host that provides storage resources for Publish. Needs to run DSpace and GORFX configured for support of the Publish task.
In C3-Grid, import of climate data from external archives into the data management infrastructure of the community grid.