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Rob is out

Published on 05 Aug 2010

After weeks of cursing and committing, we now proudly present the first open source release of the “Generation N Data Management System”. GNDMS is a data management solution for community grids based on the Globus Toolkit 4 middleware for scientific community grids. It’s what you might want to use if you have big chunks of data that need to be copied around betwen supercomputer centers in an orchestrated, and secure way.

To those using the software before, this release features a completely rewritten build and installation system (giving much smaller turnaround time and deployment packages), support for proper GSI certificate delegation down to the UNIX level (File permissions set via GRAMS), revamped web site, remote log access for community grid admins, a new test client, and numerous bug fixes and enhancements (Check the Changelog).

Please fetch GNDMS 0.3.0 aka “Rob” while it’s fresh and enjoy.